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    All my breads are handmade and are classed as “Real Bread”, free from additives and preservatives and made from just quality flour, salt, water and natural or bakers yeast. Please note that all breads and pastries may not always be available due to limitations of batch baking and so small orders may not always be achievable.

    A selection of my breads are as listed below:-

    White or Wholewheat tin loaves (800g) – £3.00/ White or Wholewheat multi-seeded tin loaves (800g) – £3.50/ Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Loaves (500g) – £3.50/ Chilli Cheese Bread (500g) – £4.00/ Honey & Walnut Bread (500g) – £4.00/ White Baguettes (300g) – £2.50/ Earl Grey Tea Loaf (500g) – £3.00/ Ciabatta – £3.00

    Sourdough Loaves

    These are breads that are leavened using just cultivated natural wild yeasts and the loaves have a slow gentle ferment which produces a flavoursome bread. Great when fresh and fantastic when toasted! These loaves need to be ordered in advance as they are a 2-day bake! White or 50/50 Wholewheat (800g) – £3.50/ Multi-seeded Sourdough (800g) – £4.00/ Cracked Black Pepper & Parmesan (500g) – £3.50/ Cheese & Thyme (500g) – £3.50/ Onion & Olive (500g) – £3.50/ Fig & Fennel (500g) – £3.50/ Italian Rosemary Bread (500g) – £3.00/ 100% Spelt (500g) – £3.50/ Seeded Rye (500g) – £3.00

    I also bake croissants (Plain/Almond or Savoury Filled (£1.75 – £2.50)) in addition to other pastries such as Cinnamon Swirls (£2.50), Cruffins (£3.00), Danishes (£2.50), Pain Aux Raisin (£2.00) and Artisan Doughnuts (£2.00) (Raspberry Jam/Salted Caramel/Vanilla Custard/Lemon & Lime/Apple & Cinnamon).